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Tangram is a thriller, a fractured portrait of contemporary corruption, that travels from the Basque country to Reykjavík, from London to Calabria.

A set of interlinked stories that combines and recombines into a series of possible narratives, each one giving its own perspective on a world built on deceit and damage. These stories, apparently separate on the surface, are shown to have far-reaching connections; to be, in many ways, pieces of a puzzle. More than any other contemporary Spanish writer, Márquez understands the global nature of individual actions.

Praise for Tangram:

'Literary, clever, atmospheric, unusual -- I liked it a lot.' Lisa Tuttle 

'Tangram’s language often packs a punch you don’t expect because its imagery is strikingly unpoetic... Tangram was worth it for his ability to turn a phrase: his language, in Womack’s English, is fresh, startling, crystalline. For that alone, I’ll trust Nevsky to choose me another book.' Glasgow Review of Books

short thriller which makes use of fractured storytelling in order to keep you thinking and surprise you at the end... Reading it is a little like playing Cluedo, only with less of an exact sense of where you’re headed... Tangram is an award winning book and it’s not hard to see why. The Worm Hole Reviews

Juan Carlos Márquez is recognised as one of the best contemporary prose stylists in Spain. He was born in Bilbao in 1967. He has published three books of short stories, and three novels in Spanish. He has been nominated twice for the prestigious Setenil International Prize for Short Fiction, and for the International Ribera del Duero Short Fiction Prize. He is the recipient of the Juan Rulfo Prize for Best Debut Writer (2003). Tangram was published in Spanish in 2014.

  • Prizes: Euskadi Regional Novel Prize (2012) Sintagma Independent Booksellers Prize ( 2012)
  • Translation: James Womack
  • Art cover: Zuri Negrín 
  • ISBN: 978-84-945913-3-4
  • 180 pages

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